Operational and Financial Reviews Transparency

As part of its responsibility to ensure that Arizona’s public universities accomplish their public purpose and mission, the Arizona Board of Regents conducts an annual comprehensive review of the operations and finances of each university.

The operational and financial review (OFR) is intended to facilitate a dialogue between the university president and the board regarding the performance of the university and its academic, business and strategic imperatives for the future.This process allows the regents to understand the details and progress of each university’s academic, business, and strategic initiatives against the goals assigned in the ABOR strategic plan, as well as the personnel and financial resources that will be committed. The review also highlights for the board the strategic and material decisions or policy changes required by the board as part of the plan.

The OFR process is also intended to enhance transparency in university planning and performance. The review is held in compliance with Open Meeting laws and public discussion is encouraged. Likewise, plans and information presented should be formatted in a way that is accessible and understandable to the public. Presidents are encouraged to present their plans to other audiences and stakeholders and to make their plans and performance reports readily available.

Extensive background reports with key data is conducted for each OFR. These are published on the ABOR website, along with each universities strategic plan. (Click here for ASU Business Plan, NAU Business Plan, and UA Business Plan)

ASU OFR cover
AofU OFR Cover