The board’s public engagement of issues surrounding higher education in Arizona continues to expand. 

Through media relations and a growing social media presence and multiple platforms, including community outreach, blogs and news releases the Arizona Board of Regents continues to engage with the community and spread the word about the importance and value of public higher education in Arizona.

In 2016 alone, the ABOR’s Twitter account accumulated about 1,000 new followers and its tweets generated nearly 1.75 million total impressions. Facebook posts yielded more than 617,000 total impressions – including more than 160,000 unique impressions – throughout the year.

Our Arizona Board of Regents Twitter account has reached a new milestone with 4,457 followers. @AZRegents is one of the more successful Twitter accounts among university governing systems across the country. For comparison, the Tennessee Board of Regents Twitter account attracts approximately 2,200 followers; Iowa’s Board of Regents has about 2,300; Kansas Board of Regents has approximately 2,300; and the Louisiana Board of Regents site attracts about 1,200 followers. The University System of Georgia surpasses our Twitter account with about 4,900 followers.

Trending stories and top tweets and popular Facebook posts include those that advocate for increased support for Arizona’s public universities and our students, the UA presidential search, rankings news for the universities and posts celebrating regents, students, research and the universities’ successes as well as engagement within the community.