The Technology and Research Initiative Fund, established through Proposition 301, funnels revenue to Arizona’s public universities to stimulate and improve Arizona’s economy through research and workforce development.

In FY 2015-16, TRIF received approximately $69.7 million in sales tax revenue. In that same year, TRIF-funded projects brought in approximately $363.8 million in outside funding.

Arizona’s public university enterprise invests TRIF funds in initiatives and projects that promote university research and technology transfer related to the knowledge-based global economy, expands degree access to time- and place-bound students and develops programs that will prepare students to contribute to high-technology industries located in Arizona.

Funds are allocated toward workforce development and four primary research areas:​

  • Improving health
  • Water, environment and energy solutions
  • National security systems
  • Space exploration and optical solutions

TRIF has created a foundation for sophisticated research and entrepreneurship and has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from outside the state while allowing the universities to support Arizona’s economic development and conduct cutting-edge research.

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