Together, ASU, NAU and the UA, the largest providers of the teaching workforce in Arizona, have developed a blueprint for the Arizona Teachers’ Academy to provide more top-flight teachers to Arizona’s classrooms.

As part of a multi-pronged strategy to improve education in Arizona, Governor Doug Ducey called on Arizona’s public universities to help increase the number of qualified teachers in Arizona’s classrooms. The blueprint, developed in partnership with Arizona’s community colleges, will enable the development of a special cadre of teachers dedicated to a career of innovative and impactful teaching. Plan highlights include:

  • A rich educational experience delivered in one-year, two-year and four-year programs to meet the needs of traditional students and adult career changers.
  • Allows individuals to participate at any point in their educational career from freshman to returning professionals.
  • Graduates will be dedicated to serving Arizona schools, particularly low-income and tribal schools with students in need.
  • Provides year-for-year tuition reduction for graduates who serve Arizona schools, allowing students to graduate debt free and with low-to-no costs for their education.
  • Significant connections to academy professors, scholars and other academy alumni to provide ongoing support to new teachers and a lifelong network of colleagues.
  • Strong partnerships with community colleges and K-12 schools to meet the needs of hiring authorities.
  • Demonstrable impacts on student outcomes, quality of instruction and teacher retention that meet the needs of the 21st century classroom