With nearly 28 million square feet in approximately 1,000 teaching, research and residential facilities, infrastructure at Arizona’s public universities represent significant assets with a replacement value of more than $10 billion.

University infrastructure will continue to meet the needs of expanding enrollments and increased research with the passage of a university bonding bill this year that will support projects such as research and teaching facilities, providing students with unprecedented opportunities for experiential learning, large-scale research participation and learning from professors who are leaders in their fields.

Gov. Doug Ducey’s foresight in putting forth the bonding proposal and legislators approval of the plan makes clear that Arizona’s public university enterprise will have the necessary resources to develop the research and education facilities necessary to provide a top-quality education and address building renewal needs. The resulting construction alone is projected to create 2,200 jobs, add $166 million to Arizona’s gross domestic product and bring $148 million in personal income for each of the next five years.