Interactive and user-friendly web-based reports allow users to navigate a wealth of data and news about the board and university system, increasing engagement and enhancing transparency.

Presented online for the first time this year is Impact Arizona, the board’s annual research report, featuring new research dashboards that present data on subjects such as licenses and options, technology transfer, inventions and patents issued. With drop-down menus for each university under separate tabs, the report is conveniently referenced for users.

The report highlights significant outcomes in patents, licenses and options and research activity and offers compelling stories about life-saving discoveries and inventions.

For the second year in a row, the ABOR Annual Report is featured online, giving users the opportunity to access information about the Arizona Board of Regents and our public universities through a site that is organized according to priorities in the board’s strategic plan while specific measures are detailed through interactive dashboards.

The board’s website also offers a Google Fusion map that shares college-going and completion data for all Arizona high schools, offering the public an at-a-glance review of how high schools are performing.