The 2015-16 Arizona High School Report Card shows that approximately 87 percent of university freshmen who graduated a year earlier from an Arizona high school were admitted to an Arizona public university without academic deficiencies.

Compared to 84 percent in fall 2014 and 80 percent in fall 2011, the class also earned first-year GPAs that were slightly higher – averaging 3.0 for the 2015-16 college freshman class compared to 2.9 for each freshman class from 2010-2015. The report also reflects a 6.4 percent increase in the number of Arizona high school graduates who enrolled in an Arizona public university in the fall semester immediately following their senior year.

Designed for and distributed to Arizona’s high schools, the Arizona High School Report Card is prepared annually by the board to both measure and strengthen student success as well as advance educational attainment within Arizona. The report card is a way for the board to help local schools ensure they are producing graduates who are ready for a postsecondary education.