Arizona’s students are increasingly going to college and completing their education once enrolled, according to two key reports.

For 2014-15, Arizona high school graduates achieved a four-year institution graduation rate of 20.8 percent (up from 19.4 percent), a combined (two- and four-year institution) graduation rate of 27.9 percent (up from 25.8 percent), and an overall college going rate of 53.1 percent (up from 50.5 percent).

As part of its commitment to transparency and accountability, the Arizona Board of Regents has made data available to students and families who can now compare college-going and completion rates through a new interactive tool that allows users to access data from high schools throughout the state. A Google Fusion map of Arizona high schools is also available.

Reflective of the success Arizona schools have achieved in helping students access and prepare for a college education, the data also points to inconsistencies in high school performance in college going rates. Half of the students enrolled in postsecondary education came from 11 percent of Arizona’s public high schools, though this does represent a slight increase over last year at 10.6 percent. Conversely, nearly 7 percent, or 33 high schools, sent no students to college anywhere.