Between fall of 2015 and fall of 2016, headcount enrollment in the Arizona public university system rose 5.3 percent with undergraduate enrollment up 5.3 percent and graduate enrollment up 5.3 percent.

As part of the board’s strategic plan, it has set aggressive goals for enrollment growth.  Producing more degree holders at all levels means that we will have the educated workforce to meet in-demand jobs for now and the future in our state, promoting Arizona’s economic vitality.

Overall, Arizona State University reported an increase of 7.5 percent, Northern Arizona University reported a 4.4 percent increase, and the University of Arizona reported a 1.2 percent increase.

Total enrollment is at 171,791, an increase of 8,608 over the previous year and among the largest increases recorded. Undergraduate enrollment is at 139,725 while graduate enrollment is 32,066.

More information may be found in the Fall Enrollment Report.