Arizona’s public universities play an integral role in providing our state’s educated workforce by awarding the majority of postsecondary degrees in our state.

In 2015-16, the Arizona university system awarded 27,472 bachelor’s degrees and 10,995 graduate degrees. This is an increase of 838 (3.1 percent) in bachelor’s degrees and an increase of 773 (7.6 percent) in graduate degrees compared to the previous academic year.

Compared to ten years ago, the number of bachelor degrees awarded to graduates has increased by 9,076 (49.3 percent) and the number of graduate degrees by 3,637 (49.4 percent).

In 2015-16, Arizona State University awarded the largest number of bachelor’s degrees at 15,264 (55.6 percent), followed by the University of Arizona at 7,089 (25.8 percent), and Northern Arizona University at 5,119 (18.6 percent).

For graduate degrees awarded in 2015-16, Arizona State University conferred 6,689 (60.8 percent), Northern Arizona University conferred 1,422 (12.9 percent), and the University of Arizona conferred 2,884 (26.4 percent).

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